• Tickets, 501C3 Donations, and MORE New Bands
  • Feb 4th 2014
  • Just a quick note to let everyone know that while our tickets prices just recently made their monthly increase, they are still extremely affordable. In-fact, if you break it down, your daily cost to experience Joshua Fest 2014 with Switchfoot, Jars Of Clay, Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch and many others, at the February rate, is only $15 per day! And that's at the FULL event individual price. Its even less if your doing Costco style!

    After Several years of paperwork, submitting, resubmitting, and trading in our First Born....Joshua Fest has finally become recognized as a 501C3 Non Profit Organization! We are so thankful for everyone's support over the years, and now that support is Tax Deductible. We put a "Donate Here" button on our website (look Right, no...your other right). If your able and feel compelled please make a contribution. This allows us to keep our prices at a minimum to allow kids to find Jesus, help great organizations like Compassion International find new Child Sponsors and also allows a platform for up and coming Artists to share their testimony of what our King can do. Thank you for your support!

    And Finally in our February update; We've recently added Seventh Day Slumber and Nine Lashes! Both artists have amazing Ministries that will elevate the entire Joshua Fest experience! From top notch Rock and Roll, to Heart Piercing Testimonies, and of course the contagious worship! We are extremely excited about what this will add to our 2014 Lineup.

    Thanks again for all your amazing support and love! Keep checking back and spreading the word!
  • Joshua Fest 2014 Bands Announced!
  • Jan 13th 2014
  • Joshua Fest 2014 is well underway!

    Since your checking out our website, we are going to give you some news before Facebook and before our Twitter: Joshua Fest 2014 will have Switchfoot headline on Sunday, Aug 31st.

    If you've kept up with our Facebook page or Website you'll see that we've also made some great announcements!

    1. We are officially going back to QUINCY, CA! The Plumas County Fairgrounds is were we held Joshua Fest from 2003-2009 Its, for many people, a vital part of the whole Joshua Fest experience. And we are really pleased to be back in our hometown! If you love Joshua Fest, and have never experienced it in its original glory, then your really in for a treat!

    2. We've made some other band announcements in Addition to Switchfoot!

    Jars Of Clay Family Force Five Thousand Foot Krutch The City Harmonic Emery The Classic Crime Matt & Toby Vocal Few

    3. We've also added a few "And More" elements to our Website.

    -Like a Mini-Marriage Seminar with Randy and Monica Zachary

    -A "Bad Christian" Workshop with Matt & Toby from Emery

    -And of Course the return of our kids program "Camp Jericho" and its Black Light Puppet show! Its supposed to be bigger and better then ever this year!

    We hope you'll make plans now and mark Aug 29th - 31st off your calendar. And please help us by sharing this with your Churches, Youth Pastors, College Groups, Friends and Family!
  • Thank You! Here's To 2014!
  • Oct 29th 2013
  • Thank you everyone who supported our ministry at Six Flags this year! We had a blast (and learned a lot), and now we especially can't wait until Labor Day Weekend 2014 in Quincy!!!! We've already booked several bands including Family Force 5, The City Harmonic, The Classic Crime, and much more to come! We hope you'll start making plans now to get your Youth Group, Family and Friends out to Quincy for 3 full days and nights of Music, Ministry and Camping on Aug 29th, 30th and 31st, Labor Day Weekend in 2014. Its our OFFICIAL 10 Year anniversary! Keep an eye out for Tickets to be available sometime in December. It will be a limited, really special, Early Bird Rate.