Joshua Fest

2017 Campfire Sessions

July 28th-30th

Plumas Country Fairgrounds,Quincy, CA

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Joshua Fest 2017 Campfire Sessions is Free!

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About This Event

If you've been to Joshua Fest, this section is for you!

(If you've never been to Joshua Fest, you're still allowed to read this section:)

    Here is what's NOT changing with Joshua Fest 2017:

  • A multi-day, family frriendly Christian Music Festival for all ages;
  • Location: Plumas County Fairgrounds in Quincy, California;
  • Sunday morning worship and message;
  • Festival camping experience;
  • RV and Tent Pass pricing;
  • Parking passes ($5/day, $10/overnight)

    Here's what's DIFFERENT with Joshua Fest 2017:

  • A more casual Joshua Fest Experience (it's better than NO Joshua Fest, right?);
  • Free admission (camping fees apply);
  • Schedule: Friday afternoon (TBD) to Sunday morning (festival ends immediately after Sunday morning message);
  • Dates are July 28th to 30th;
  • Independent & local bands only;
  • Two stages (one indoor stage, one outdoor/acoustic stage) - No outdoor main stage.
  • Limited food and merchandise vendors;
  • Smaller Camp Jericho: Water Slide and some crafts and games. No puppets or movie nights;
  • Art Exhibit, guest speakers, and teaching/seminars (TBD).
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Plumas County Fairgrounds

204 Fairground Rd, Quincy, CA 95971

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do the gates open?

Gates will open at 9am Friday. At this time, we are only accepting early arrival (Thursday evening) requests on a case-by-case basis.

Can we bring outside food or drinks into the festival?

Yes, except alcohol and other illegal substances. While we don't normally inspect all persons or vehicles entering the gates, we reserve the right at our discrection.

Are there "in and out" privileges during the festival?

Yes, except there will be limited access from midnight to 7am for security reasons. Our security team will be monitoring our main gate during overnight hours. They will be only allowing access during overnight hours for emergencies and special circumstances.

Is there a curfew?

Not really, but we try and keep the noise down between 11pm and 7am...

Am I allowed to distribute flyers or information about my organization, band, or ministry at the festival?

Any advertising or distribution within the festival grounds must be approved by management. Many of our vendors have paid money for booth space. Also, it is our responsibility to assure that the information distributed at the festival is in accordance with the Word of God and our ministry goals.

Can I sell stuff at the festival?

If you have a product that you would like to sell at the festival, you must complete and submit a Vendor Application. (This application will be available in early 2015, there are fees and guidelines that must be followed.) If you are an artist who is performing at the festival, please contact us for information on setting up a merchandise table. Unauthorized sale or distribution of products, services, or literature is strictly forbidden.

Will you be selling food at the festival?

Yes. There will be one ore more food vendors selling fair-type food.

What's the weather like? How should I dress?

Traditionally the highs should be in the mid to upper 80's, and overnight lows in the mid low 50's. It wouldn't hurt to bring a sweatshirt for the evenings, but shorts and a t-shirt for the day should suffice.

Are there parking fees?

Yes. Parking in the lots adjacent to the fairgrounds will cost $5 per vehicle for a one-day pass, and $10 per vehicle for a multi-day (weekend) pass.

When does the festival end? If I'm camping, what time is checkout?

The festival will end at approximately noon on Sunday immediately following our morning worship and service/message. If you are camping, please try to be off the grounds by 4pm to allow us time to clean up.

Can I bring my pet?

The fairgrounds doesn't allow dogs except official Service Animals. Although there are no specific rules about llamas, emus, alligators, chimpanzees, and giraffes, if you have any of these pets, we recommend you leave them at home too.

Can we pitch some tents next to our RV?

The RV spaces are approx. 12' wide and vary in length from 20' to 45', and we try to make the best of this space since it is limited. What this means is that in some cases, there may be a small area directly in front of your RV, where you are welcome to pitch your tent. Otherwise, you'll need to find the closest open camping area for your tent, and hopefully it won't be too far away. If this is important, we recommend you get to the festival as early as possible (gates open at 5pm on Thursday for those with RV passes). Also, please remember, each tent pitched will require the appropriate "Tent Pass" to be purchased.

I want my friend's RV to be next to mine, can I hold a spot if I arrive first?

We will do our best to accommodate this request based on the circumstances at the time, but can't make any guarantees. We recommend that you arrive at the same time to ensure you'll be next to each other.

How much does it cost to camp at Joshua Fest?

As a reminder, although general admission is free to the event, overnight camping is not free. A Tent Pass is required for each tent, and an RV Pass (Dry or Hookups) is required if you plan on bringing an RV (or any other vehicle or trailer) to camp or park in the festival. The RV Passes are also sold PER vehicle, not per person. The Tent Pass costs $25 PER TENT fitting 5 or less people, if you're all alone with a sleeping bag and wish to camp then this is also the pass you will need. If your tent is bigger, then the price is $35 PER TENT fitting 6 or more. These camping passes provide access to our camping facilities and showers and the privilege to be able to stay overnight. Also, all Tent and RV passes are good for up to 3 days (2 nights) of camping (Friday through Sunday). If you are staying for a shorter time period, there is no discount provided.

Do I get a reserved space with my RV pass?

Sort of... There is a limited number of RV spaces (not campsites) some with hookups, some without hookups. Your RV pass will guarantee you one of these spaces. However, they are not numbered or assigned at the time of reservation, but are determined at the time of arrival.

Do I still need to buy tickets if I buy an RV pass?

Admission to the festival is free, so other than your tent or RV pass, you're all set!

Do we have to pay for tent passes if we have an RV pass?

Yes, you will need to purchase a "Tent Pass" for each tent, depending on size of tent.

Can I bring my vehicle (other than an RV) into the camping area?

We are anticipating our camping areas to be very full. At this time, we will not be allowing vehicles to remain parked in the fairgrounds (including the camping area). Vehicles hauling 5th-wheels, trailers, and 'cab-overs' will be allowed admittance (with paid reservation), but must remain parked for the duration of the festival.

I've got a tent trailer or "cab-over" camper, and I don't need hookups. Do I still need an RV pass?

Yes. You'll want to purchase the "Dry RV" Pass.

If I am arriving late or leaving early with my RV, will I be able to drive in/out of the camping area?

We will do our best to try and accommodate these special circumstances. Safety is a priority, and we cannot allow RV's to drive through a busy festival environment. You might have to wait until it's the safest time, and we will escort you into or out of the festival camping area.

What if I want to drive my car/truck/van into the camping area to offload my stuff?

Due to limited space and safety concerns, we do not allow any personal vehicles into the fairgrounds camping areas (as all the camping areas are inside the gates), with the exception of vehicles towing a trailer/camper or vehicles being used as an RV (e.g. van). Hand carts will be available to borrow free of charge to help you bring in your supplies etc. On Monday morning following the festival, we will be allowing vehicles into the fairgrounds (probably around 10 or 11am depending on traffic) for groups to pack up their stuff to leave.

Can we bring food into the fairgrounds/camping area?

Yes. You can bring food, non-alcoholic drinks, camping supplies, ice chests, and just about anything you would bring if you went camping. For your convenience, there will be vendors selling food at Joshua Fest, such as funnel cakes, french fries, snow cones, and cappuccinos. Please help us by supporting our vendors!

So.. since this is Joshua Fest "Campfire Sessions", camp we have a campfire?

It depends... The forest service will determine the "fire danger level" and may restrict open flames (campfires), depending on the danger of the fire season. This is the same rule that applies to all public campgrounds in the State of California, and to which we have no control.

Are there showers available for people who are camping?

Yes, there are multiple shower facilities near the camping areas (inside the fairgrounds) available for no cost. We will be implementing a "shower reservation" system to help reduce lines for the shower. For more info, check with our information tent upon arrival.

Can I bring my pet?

The fairgrounds doesn't allow dogs. Except Seeing Eye & Service Animals. Although there are no specific rules about llamas, emus, alligators, chimpanzees, and giraffes, if you have any of these pets, we recommend you leave them at home too.

How many tents can I bring and how big can they be?

You can bring as big of a tent as you want, as long as you've purchased the appropriate tent pass and the tent is applicable to the number of guests that will be using it. In other words, please don't bring a 20-man army tent for just you and your friend!

If I've lost my print-at-home tickets, can I reprint them?


I've ordered my tickets, but I have not received them... what should I do?

All of our tickets are handled by, and unless you requested them to be sent by regular mail, then you should have received your tickets via email immediately after your order was processed. If you did not receive your tickets, either via email, or by regular mail after 7 days, then please contact us at 877-222-5674 or email us at

I'm having trouble purchasing online. Can I phone-in my order?

Yes, you may call us at 877-222-5674 during normal business hours and we can process your order over the phone.

What is the last day I can get tickets online?

Our online ticket store will be closing at noon on Thursday noon prior to gates open, after which they you can purchase passes at the gate.

I bought my camping pass, and now I can't make it to the festival. Can I get a refund, or can I sell or give away my pass?

Tickets and passes are non-refundable, but they can be given away or sold to anyone. Please don't sell your ticket at the front gate.