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where is joshuafest?

plumas-sierra county fairground

204 fairground rd, quincy, ca 95971

The Plumas-Sierra County Fairground is home to the annual County Fair, as well as weddings, races, rodeos, music festivals, and many other events, including Joshua Fest!

Quincy, California Set among the pines of the Plumas National Forest, the town of Quincy is considered the "Gem of the Sierra". While mining, lumber, and agriculture have all played a part in building the local economy, for those who live and work here, or who are just visiting, the joys of Quincy are its retention of historical character, its friendly residents, and its proximity to enjoyable recreational areas.

flying to joshua fest

The nearest international airport is Reno (RNO), which is located about 1.5 hours east of Quincy. If you fly into Reno, you will need to rent a car or arrange transportation to Quincy, as there is no regular shuttle service.

There is a small, uncontrolled (non commercial) airport in the town of Quincy (Gansner field). If you are a pilot, or know someone who flies, arriving by plane into Quincy is fun and exciting. The airport is about 2 miles from the festival, and finding someone to pick you up from the airport should be fairly easy.

frequently asked questions

Can we bring outside food or drinks into the festival?

Yes, except alcohol and other illegal substances. While we don't normally inspect all persons or vehicles entering the gates, we reserve the right at our discrection.

Are there "in and out" privileges during the festival?

Persons with valid wristbands will be allowed in-and-out access during regular festival hours. There will be limited access from midnight to 7am for security reasons. Our security team will be monitoring our main gate during overnight hours. They will be only allowing access during overnight hours for emergencies and special circumstances.

Is there a curfew?

Yes. The outdoor noise curfew is from 11pm to 7am (we will have an acoustic stage running until about 1am, and an indoor stage until about 2am).

Am I allowed to distribute flyers or information about my organization, band, or ministry at the festival?

Any advertising or distribution within the festival grounds must be approved by management. Many of our vendors have paid money for booth space. Also, it is our responsibility to assure that the information distributed at the festival is in accordance with the Word of God and our ministry goals.

Can I sell stuff at the festival?

If you have a product that you would like to sell at the festival, you must complete and submit a Vendor Application. If you are an artist who is performing at the festival, please contact us for information on setting up a merchandise table. Unauthorized sale or distribution of products, services, or literature is strictly forbidden.

Will you be selling food at the festival?

Yes. There will be a few food vendors selling fair-type food.

What time do the gates open?

Gates will open at 9am on Friday to guests with an RV pass, and 11am on Friday for all others. However, we are possibly going to allow early admission with a special "add-on" pass... check back soon for more info.

What's the weather like? How should I dress?

Traditionally the highs should be in the mid 80's, and overnight lows in the mid 40's. It wouldn't hurt to bring a sweatshirt for the evenings, but shorts and a t-shirt for the day should suffice.

Is there moshing allowed?

Technically, no, but that depends on your definition of "moshing". Bumping against one another and jumping in place (even in an excited manner) is allowable, However, you may not push (with arms extended), kick, punch, or otherwise purposefully try to cause injury to another person. Stage diving or crowd surfing is not allowed under any circumstances.

Are there parking fees?

Yes. Parking in the lots adjacent to the fairgrounds will cost $5 per vehicle for a one-day pass, and $10 per vehicle for a multi-day (weekend) pass.

When does the festival end? If I'm camping, what time is checkout?

The festival will end at approximately midnight Sunday night. So if you're camping, you are encouraged to stay overnight Sunday (to avoid a mad rush of people at midnight), and pack up Monday morning. We ask that you try and be off the grounds by noon to give us time to clean up the fairgrounds and leave it in better condition that we received it.

Can I bring my pet?

The fairgrounds doesn't allow dogs except official Service Animals. Although there are no specific rules about llamas, emus, alligators, chimpanzees, and giraffes, if you have any of these pets, we recommend you leave them at home too.

Can we pitch some tents next to our RV?

The RV spaces are approx. 12' wide and vary in length from 20' to 45', and we try to make the best of this space since it is limited. What this means is that in some cases, there may be a small area directly in front of your RV, where you are welcome to pitch your tent. Otherwise, you'll need to find the closest open camping area for your tent, and hopefully it won't be too far away. If this is important, we recommend you get to the festival as early as possible. Remember, all persons camping (staying overnight) must have a separate "overnight add-on pass".

I want my friend's RV to be next to mine, can I hold a spot if I arrive first?

We will do our best to accommodate this request based on the circumstances at the time, but can't make any guarantees. We recommend that you arrive at the same time to allow us to find RV spots next to each other.

How much does it cost to camp at Joshua Fest?

The General Admission Pass does NOT include camping. If you're staying at Joshua Fest for one or more days and you're not staying the night on the Festival Grounds then this pass is all you need. The RV Pass (Dry or Hookups) means you plan on bringing an RV (camper, 5th-wheel, cab-over, etc.). The RV Passes are also sold PER vehicle, not per person. Additionally, all attendees (ages 7 and up) who are staying overnight (in a tent, RV, or otherwise) must purchase an "overnight add-on" ticket/wristband for $10 per person. This provides access to our camping facilities and showers and the privilege to be able to stay overnight for one ore more nights (Friday through Sunday night).

Do I get a reserved space with my RV pass?

Sort of... There is a limited number of RV spaces (not campsites) some with hookups, some without hookups. Your RV pass will guarantee you one of these spaces. However, they are not numbered or assigned at the time of reservation, but are determined at the time of arrival.

Do I still need to buy tickets if I buy an RV pass?

Yes, all attendees (ages 7 and up) who are staying overnight and plan on using our camping facilities (showers, etc.) must purchase a general admission ticket AND an "overnight add-on" ticket.

What's going on with Tent Passes? Do I need to pay extra to have a campsite or pitch a tent?

No. This year, we are selling an "overnight add-on" ticket/wristband for $10 per person for anyone (ages 7 and up) in an RV, tent, or otherwise who is camping or staying overnight at the festival. This ticket must be purchased in addition to a General Admission ticket/wristband.

Can I bring my vehicle (other than an RV) into the camping area?

We are anticipating our camping areas to be very full. At this time, we will not be allowing vehicles to remain parked in the fairgrounds (including the camping area). Vehicles hauling 5th-wheels, trailers, and 'cab-overs' will be allowed admittance (with paid reservation), but must remain parked for the duration of the festival.

I've got a tent trailer or "cab-over" camper, and I don't need hookups. Do I still need an RV pass?

Yes. You'll want to purchase the "Dry RV" Pass.

If I am arriving late or leaving early with my RV, will I be able to drive in/out of the camping area?

We will do our best to try and accommodate these special circumstances. Safety is a priority, and we cannot allow RV's to drive through a busy festival environment. You might have to wait until it's the safest time, and we will escort you into or out of the festival camping area. If you know ahead-of-time that you plan on leaving early (e.g. before Monday morning), please tell us when you arrive so we can make sure you're not in a spot that would prevent you from leaving early.

What if I want to drive my car/truck/van into the camping area to offload my stuff?

Due to limited space and safety concerns, we do not allow any personal vehicles into the fairgrounds camping areas (all the camping areas are inside the gates), with the exception of vehicles towing a trailer/camper or vehicles being used as an RV (e.g. van). Hand carts will be available to borrow free of charge to help you bring in your supplies etc. On Monday morning following the festival, we will be allowing vehicles into the fairgrounds (probably around 10 or 11am depending on traffic) for groups to pack up their stuff to leave.

Can we bring food into the fairgrounds/camping area?

Yes. You can bring food, non-alcoholic drinks, camping supplies, ice chests, and just about anything you would bring if you went camping. For your convenience, there will be vendors selling food on site, such as funnel cakes, french fries, snow cones, and cappuccinos. Please help us by supporting our vendors!

Are we allowed to barbecue or have campfires?

The fairgrounds does not allow any charcoal barbecues or campfires (open flame). Propane barbecues and portable camp stoves are okay.

Are there showers available for people who are camping?

Yes, there are multiple shower facilities near the camping areas (inside the fairgrounds) available for those attendees who have purchased the "Overnight Add-on" camping pass. We may implement a "shower reservation" system to help reduce lines for the showers. For more info, check with our information tent upon arrival.

How many tents can I bring and how big can they be?

For "sleeping" tents, you can bring as big of a tent as you want, as long as the tent is applicable to the number of guests that will be using it. For other "tents" such as canopies and E-Z-Ups, you are allowed to use them within your camping area only (e.g. not in front of main stage).

How early can I arrive? Is there any way I can get in earlier?

As of now, we are planning on opening our gates to General Admission on Friday morning. Normally, we prioritize RV's at 9am. We are tentatively planning on opening the gates to non-RV's at 11am, although it could be earlier depending on traffic (we want to make sure we position the RV's in a way to not interfere with the tent camping. HOWEVER, we are considering an "early arrival" add-on ticket (i.e. Thursday evening arrival), which we will announce details if/when it becomes available.

Can I bring my pet?

Please help us respect the fairgrounds rules which state that no dogs are allowed, except ADA-approved assistance animals.

If I lose my ticket before the festival starts, can I get a replacement?

All paid ticket sales occurring before the gates open will be done with EventBrite, our online ticket partner. This system allows for "print-at-home" tickets, which pretty mjuch eliminates the possibility of "permanently" losing a ticket. That being said, the system will recognize if a bar-coded ticket has been used. So if someone ends up with your ticket and gets to the festival before you, then it will void your copy of the ticket and it won't be valid when you arrive. If you think that this may have happened (e.g. you printed your ticket and think someone might have it who shouldn't), please contact us right away and we can void and re-issue you a ticket with a different barcode. Furthermore, if you arrive at the gate without your ticket (printed copy or in an email), we can look it up in our system but may require additional information to confirm you are the rightful purchaser of the ticket.

I'm having trouble purchasing online. Can I phone-in my order?

Yes, you may call us at 877-222-5674 during normal business hours and we can process your order over the phone. We will still want to email you the tickets, but if you insist, we will "hold" the tickets at Will Call, and release them when you arrive (and bring us a nice present).

What is the last day I can buy tickets online?

You can purchase tickets on-line up until the last day of the festival.

Will my ticket get me on the air-park and other rides at the festival?

It depends... Camp Jericho and inflatable rides are available for no additional cost. Other rides and games (yet to be determined) may be an additional charge.

Will there be Group Rate tickets?

Yes, but you're better off purchasing the "early bird" tickets now, as the group rate tickets that become available will be more expensive.

I've already purchased some group-rate tickets, and now we have more people coming. Can I get additional tickets at the group rate?

Yes. However, they will be at the price of the current group rate, even if you're initial order was at an earlier group rate. Also, to place this order, you will need to contact our office to make special arrangements, since the system will not allow group orders of less than 10 group tickets per order.

Are group rate tickets available at the gate?

No. You must purchase group tickets online prior to gates opening.

Are there discounted tickets for children?

Yes, children ages 7 to 11 are eligible for discounted tickets. Children ages 6 and under are free.

I only want to attend for one day. Are there single-day tickets?

Yes, Single day passes will be available at a later date. However, they may be more expensive than the "early bird" tickets currently available.

I bought my ticket, and now I can't make it to the festival. Can I get a refund, or can I sell or give away my tickets?

Tickets are non-refundable, however you are allowed to give your tickets to anyone, or you can sell your ticket for whatever price you want (offering tickets for free or for any price on Festival property or at the gate is considered scalping and is illegal).

If I have an RV pass, does everyone who is camping need Joshua Fest tickets?

Yes. Because our camping area is inside the festival, everyone must have a ticket/wristband. This includes chaperones, friends, or family members even if they weren't planning on attending the festival. Furthermore, anyone who is staying overnight on the grounds, must purchase a General Admission ticket/wristband PLUS a "overnight add-on" ticket/wristband.

How can my band play at the festival?

Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications to perform at Joshua Fest 2018.

I submitted an application online and haven't hear anything back.

If it's been more than two weeks, then please send us an email to booking@joshuafest.com, and we'll see what's going on. UPDATE: if you haven't heard from us by now, then you'll have to try again next year...

Is there a fee for my band to apply?

No, but if your application is accepted, you will be required to pay a $100 deposit, as well as help promote a minimum number of ticket sales. More information will be provided if your application is accepted. Please visit this page for more info.

When will I find out my performance schedule and stage assignment?

We will be announcing a tentative (daily) schedule on July 1st, and specific set/stage times in the days following.

our mission

Joshua Fest Outreach Programs

Joshua Fest has always been about providing a safe, family-friendly event for people to come together and enjoy music and fellowship in a beautiful environment. Many people’s lives have been positively changed, and as the event has grown, so has our impact to the this community of attendees.

However, we feel that the purpose of Joshua Fest should be more than merely affecting those who attend. While we continue to pour our time and resources into creating a better festival, and thus hoping to better impact those who attend, as well as reaching more people by increasing attendance, we feel that the ministry of Joshua Fest must reach beyond the event itself.

Therefore, we have amended our mission statement, and have included an import component of reaching and affecting those in the world, both domestically and abroad, who are suffering, and who are need God’s love and compassion.

This year, we are committing at least 10% of our tickets sales to 3 different programs, outlined below. Accordingly, every ticket sold beginning January 1st, 2018, will allow the purchaser to choose which mission they support, and Joshua Fest will commit to donate at least 10% of the price of the ticket towards that program.

1) Domestic Support Program

Proceeds from tickets in this category will go directly to a qualified Christian non-profit organization that supports people living in the United States needing desperate help, whether it be teen-suicide, abused women, drug-abuse, or human trafficking.

2) International Humanitarian Program

Proceeds from these tickets will go directly to a qualified international Christian non-profit organization that supports people around the world that are living on life’s fringes. These groups provide much needed support in areas such as clean water, medical needs, and poor and impoverished living situations, all the while spreading the message of God’s love and Jesus’ power of redemption.

3) Attendee Assistance Program

Proceeds from these tickets will go directly into a special fund to allow for individuals, families, or even large groups to attend the Joshua Fest event who could not normally afford to attend. This means not just providing free admission, but also providing financial assistance (such as gas money) for qualified applicants. We realize that it’s not just being able to afford a ticket, but also the need to make ends meet in order to come to the festival. An application will be available online for those who are seeking to benefit from this program.

beyond the music

Bring The Kids!

Be sure not to miss all of the exciting things happening in Camp Jericho! Parents and children of all ages will enjoy the various activities and performances. Ages six and under are FREE to attend the festival, and there is no additional costs to enter into Camp Jericho

Get the weekend going with our Inflatables and gian water slide, and then stick around for an exclusive Black Light Puppet Show presented by Spread the Light Puppet Ministry on Saturday morning.

Camp Jericho is packed full of even more excitement. Kids of all ages will enjoy our many crafts, games, and face painting. Also for the first time, NorCal CEF will be joining us this year for even more fun and activities, as well as performances by Jordan The Science Wizard.

It's well worth the drive! Your efforts will be rewarded by the peace and seclusion of this wonderful area.