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A staff leader is someone who volunteers his or her time for the duration of the event, is a manager or assistant in charge of a department, and has many responsibilities. Staff leaders receive special privileges, including free admission for immediate family, complimentary camping and hospitality (food and drinks) throughout the event, as well as the opportunity to play a key role as the festival continues to grow and be more successful.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

You will be required to work a minimum number of hours (usually two 4-hour shifts) based on your area of service. Confirmation of service is required to receive your ticket refund.

You should treat all Festival attendees with kindness while displaying a loving Christian attitude. As a staff member, your attitude is very important, as you are representing the Joshua Festival and the Lord. Joshua Fest will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited, either on Festival property or anytime during your service.

You are to report to your department manager on all issues, as you are working under his/her care and management. All final decisions are made by the department managers and Festival directors.

You must provide your own food, lodging, and transportation.

You are committing yourself to giving your utmost for the glory of our Lord and Savior. Remember to maintain your spirit of giving, and always act in a professional, courteous, and loving manner.

Joshua Fest directors and managers have the right to terminate your volunteer position at any time without notice.

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